Data Suppliers

Agencies and Organisations

We understand the value of making government datasets available through Te Whata. Te Whata is designed for Iwi and Māori data needs, and is able to reach audiences that agencies and organisations find difficult to reach or to tailor data outputs and insights to.

Te Kāhui Raraunga welcomes agencies and organisations that wish to make their datasets available through Te Whata.

In considering such requests, we ask that agencies and organisations be mindful that Te Kāhui Raraunga has particular expectations:

  • Alignment to existing classifications and standards, especially the Iwi Classification; and
  • Provision of resource to clean, design and upload the data to Te Whata.

The timeframes and costs for adding a dataset will depend on the nature of the data. For example, clean static datasets will take less time and resource. Dynamic datasets will require greater resource to implement and maintain over time.

If your agency has a dataset that you would like to be added to Te Whata, please contact us on [email protected] for further information.


We expect that some iwi might be interested in supplying some of their own data to Te Whata.

Te Whata is not yet in a position to store iwi data on behalf of Iwi. However, this is a feature that we want to explore further in the future.

As an alternative and interim step, we have made provision on Te Whata for Iwi Information Managers, on behalf of Iwi, to download data tables for their own use.

If you are interested in the future potential to store iwi data on Te Whata, then we welcome your queries on our email [email protected].

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